Sunday, October 2, 2011

Anna Aden is haunting me

Lately I've been thinking about "branding" (a concept I learned at the School House Craft conference and will talk about more later). I've been trying to nail down a cohesive and consistant image of what Blue Algae Creative is. So far, I've come up with the words: Wild, Raw & Romantic. (more on that later too)

As I'm cultivating this image, deciding what BAC is and is not, I'm reminded of a photographer that I found over the summer and just LOVE. Her work reminds me of a place I like to be in my head. And, it reminds me a little of my own work, but with a bit more youth infused maybe. 

Anna Aden of Sweden. (Flickr, Blog, Agency, Web)

So much of all of this resonates with me. Wild. Raw. Romantic. It's all there, what I'm always after.

All photos in this post are the property of Anna Aden and cannot be used in any way without her expressed consent. Use of her images here was done with her permission. 


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Very interesting, Rachel. I scanned through the photos first, before reading, and was thinking "Rachel's imagery is just so beautiful," and then I read about Anna Aden. You are already an incredible photographer, Rachel. Moreover, your images are so personal, so richly you, and are what draws me to your blog over and over. Anna Aden is clearly good, but so are you in your own fashion. You've certainly pulled me in and kept me here EVEN THOUGH you rarely comment on my comments! LOL! Your blog, your photography, your art has a quality that I enjoy.

Rachel said...

Debi - What in the world would I do without you?!?!?! Thank you dearest.

Idabelle said...

rachel, thank you for your beautiful photos, they really touched me. i love the feel of them and how they make me feel. they are quite amazing. thank you.

Rachel said...

Idabelle - Just to be clear, the photos in this post are not mine, but the work of a young photographer named Anna Aden.