Saturday, August 27, 2011


...of the many sensations and experiences I craved before our "camping/cabin" trip in July was that of fire.
I love the whole process of coaxing it into existence, nurturing, feeding it, growing it into a healthy, robust, consumer.
I like the heat, the unspecific, waffling heat that you must turn your body in a slow rotation in order to feel... that heat that comes from elemental and timeless processes of earth and chemistry... a clean, un complicated, un mechanical kind of heat that will kick your ass if your not careful.
I like the sounds, the crackling wood and sap that pop and sizzle. I like the smell of pine, and smoke, yet again so elemental and natural and fierce and clean. I like the angelic like softness of smoke streaming up above to the tops of trees and beyond. I even like the comical dance we do when the breeze changes and suddenly the smoke is intrusive, chasing us like duck duck goose around the fire's perimeter.
I like to watch what becomes of wood when it is change rapidly by chemical reaction into flaky, dusty, powdery, ashen soot.
It all amazes me over and over, no matter how much I learn about how nature does what it does, no matter how many times I bare witness, it's... just... so... amazing. .. no matter that I have a computer in my pocket disguised as a phone, or that I can fly through the air as a method of travel, or that my words could reach you only minuets after I've thought them... fire, smoke, wood, ash, trees, water, wind.... all amaze me more than anything.

I was satisfied for a while, my craving tamed, but now I want it again.

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The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Me, too, Rachel. Campfires are one of my all-time favorite passions. Your description took me back. Time to check out the fireplace and ready it for winter. Ahhhh.........thanks.