Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ant eye view

My mom was an art major in college. She was a painter and she was good. One of the assignments she used to talk about was all about drawing something as though she were an ant crawling on it. It was about texture and feeling or seeing texture from that perspective. I'd pay good money to see what the students, a bunch art majors in the 1960's, came up with. Wouldn't you?

That story has been floating in my subconscious for many years until one day, camera in hand, it bubbled to the surface and I lowered my camera to the ground. It was pure joy to look at my backyard from the perspective of a small insect, and it made me more appreciative of how much bigger the world can seem to wee ones, including humans. It's a great perspective to gain, both literally and philosophically.

Promise me that if you give it a whirl, you'll send me a link to your results. I'd love to see your world from an ant's eye view.


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

This sounds like fun, Rachel. Challenging and fun! This is a great concept and I love your photos, too.

Jennifer Stotz Murphy said...

My kids and I like to wander around in the bamboo and pretend we're ants in the grass. It does give you a different perspective.

Rachel said...

Deb - Thanks!! As always you are the voice of encouragement in my crowded head.

Jen - You are such a cool mom. Can I be one of your kids for a day?

Larissa said...

Great idea! Very cool