Saturday, August 14, 2010

So Green

I'm kind of embarrassed right now. I've just gotten a new desk top computer (I was working on a lap top for close to 4.5 years), the computer of my dreams really, a mac. I knew the laptop was probably distorting what I was seeing somewhat compared with what the rest of the world was seeing of my work. Boy was I right. Assuming that I am now seeing what most of the rest of you see, I can say with full confidence, my photos were not meant to be so consistently and so blatantly GREEN. They were meant to have yellow mid tones and some bluish dark tones, which often led to an overall green feel, but not quite as smack you in the face green.

The drama queen adolescent in me wants to clear out my flickr stream, delete my blog, comb the internet for any representation of my work and nuke it from space... and then, start over. I wont however. The much more mellow, practical, and ultimately much more tired adult in me is just gonna let it go.

Chalk it up to another life lesson, and forge on. Besides, it's an opportunity to show you something "new" in my work, since none of it looks like it was suppose to up to now.

edit: fyi I adjusted the banner above and my buttons for etsy and flickr on the right in an effort to de-greenify them. They sure look a lot better to me.

second edit: Can I just say that learning a new platform (going from Windows to Mac OS) is a little like going from a bike with training wheels to a two-wheeler. My brain hurts and my eyes are about to go on vacation. I just keep chanting, "it will be worth it". In truth, it already is but I can't possibly pass up an opportunity to complain.

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