Thursday, June 25, 2009


where I belong.

The day found us at my favorite park, where the ocean touches the land, tamed and sheltered by a network of islands. The tide was visibly moving up the shore, to our utter amazement. The last time I’d been here it had been so low the sand and stones were swamped, barnacles looked to be plaguing them, and exploring was more challenging. Now, it was chasing us.


A lesson I keep learning, over and over and over: nothing stays the same, particularly the shore. There are always newness to be found.

In another moment I had a thought sound in my mind. “It’s such a beautiful day” the words went. And I laughed out loud. The sun had been out but was behind clouds now. Most color saturation had left the air. It was gray and a cool breeze threatened goose bumps. Only I would think this  beautiful weather.


Looking down at my feet, in flip flops, toenails mangled by compulsive attention, resting on a weather bleached log… I knew it again, learned it again… In this location, this climate, this latitude, this community, this place… I am just where I belong. And, that feels really good.



The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I. LOVE. THIS. POST. I can feel it, smell it, taste the air, and feel the breezes. I, too, love a gray day. They're perfect, and the light is awesome. Love this, Rachel. I can see why you love it there so much.

kendalee said...

It's indeed a special moment when one has a deep and true feeling of belonging. Some people go their whole lives without knowing this. I'm so pleased that your heart has found its home Rachel. And that you recognise it. Beautiful post!

Rachel said...

Thank you so much you two. Your support, encouragement, constancy and insightful feedback mean so much to me. They help this shaky foundation feel more solid, from time to time.

daniela said...

isn't it just magical here? i have the same sense, that this is one of the few places where i belong, where i feel like the universe "gets" me. lovely post, as always rachel.