Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh sun,

how my appreciation for you has grown, just as I knew it would.

Back home (Southern California) I did more than take you for granted. I wished to banish you, in your oppressive constancy, your blasting glare, your heat beyond warmth everyday, everyday, everyday, for months. I often wished to banish you, temporarily, so that I could appreciate you.

I knew you had your good points. Among them, I was aware, was the uplifted mood you provided… and also, so importantly, the ample opportunity for being scantily clad. I knew most worshiped you, gave thanks for your ever present quality. I, however, could never get on board. I needed you gone in order to welcome you. I needed to know your scarcity to wish, each morning, for your abundance.

Window Flare

As I stand in my kitchen, right foot propped up and resting on the left, in a pool of your delicious warmth, I feel my skin marinade in many elements which have no name in my mind. But stand I do, at length, switching weight from one foot to the other. I linger. I bathe. I take you in, like we are lovers. And finally, we are friends.

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Diana said...

What a lovely way to say this :-)