Sunday, April 12, 2009



I don’t do this sort of thing very often, and if I wasn’t already a huge fan of her work, I probably would have said no when honey huckabee asked me to mention her new photo website (where you can buy her prints) (how lucky am I that I get a free print too?). But a fan I am, and have been since I found her images on Flickr.

huckabee 4

She has a talent for finding the most beautiful form in the most ordinary scenes. Glimpse is the word she uses to describe this approach and I approve wholeheartedly. I find it to be tremendously fitting. Glimpses into another world, a world of subdued color, tone, light …. are what I feel when peering into her photos.

huckabee 3

Her images are imbued with a sense of  familiarity, intimacy, yet anonymity, creating experiences that are adaptable and hearken to a slower, simpler mode of living. Often subjects are family members and their possessions which lend themselves to a sense of belonging.

huckabee 2

Fresh out of school, with ideas bursting at the seems, this is one photographer to watch, in my humble opinion.

huckabee 1

In her own words:


simplistic elegance

a sweet air

i want people to re-think beauty

the temporality of emotions and words

All of the photos featured here belong to Honey Huckabee and can be purchased on her website.


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Vastly different, hence beautiful. Thank you for pointing us in her direction, Rachel.

sunmamma said...

Gorgeous!! I am going to check her out!

kendalee said...

Beautiful, emotive and thought provoking glimpses! Lovely stuff. Thank you for the pointer...