Sunday, March 22, 2009

some things

I really love about Seattle…


* lots of new eateries to try. So many of them cater to vegetarians that it’s jaw-dropping. This was not the case in San Diego.           

(The above is from MOD pizza, in the heart of downtown. They profess very good pizza, very fast. I’d say, for the time it takes them to make it, from scratch, to order, it’s phenomenal.)


* and support the arts they do. There seems to be public art everywhere I look. Been meaning to share some of that.


* people are actually really really friendly. Not the kind of cheesy, real estate agent, receptionist, customer service representative kind of obligatory friendly. I mean genuine, honest, kind, we are all brothers/sisters here, kind of friendliness.           

   (My husband took our son on a small “train” that was more like a trolley since it basically goes back and forth through part of downtown, the other day. The boy loves his trains. And you can ride this thing for two hours for two dollars. Great way to spend an afternoon on a budget. Except hubs didn’t know you needed exact change when they boarded. He asked passengers for change for a $20, which no one had, and a woman paid their fare. She said, just pay for someone else sometime. I almost cried when I herd that. It’s not that we never encountered this level of kindness before, but it just wasn’t as frequent as we’ve seen here. It wasn’t as ordinary, normal, ingrained in the way of life. The beauty here I think penetrates a person’s soul and they become that beauty.)


* even graffiti is more thought provoking.

west seattle bowl

* the aged hold value still


* the air is filled with the magic makings of life at all times, and these particles of water make for some of the most amazing, dramatic, skies.


sunmamma said...

It sounds wonderful!!

curious girl (lisa) said...

rachel, this is a lovely post about seattle. it makes me want to move there.

LeS said...

this ode to your new place is so very thought-provoking and sweet...makes me want to discover seattle :)

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I'm soaking in the flavors from here, Rachel, and look forward to reading and seeing more about Seattle! Dave Matthews moved there ya know...for the same reasons! It's gotta be a good place if you live there and Dave lives there! LOL!