Wednesday, February 11, 2009

home again

hello lovely friends. I’ve missed you.

We are finally in our new home city (we arrived in Seattle on Saturday from San Diego) and trying to acclimate to even shorter days, lower temps, the fact that a little snow falling from the sky is miraculous only to us, and hotel living. IMG_9451b

a random house in Capitol Hill on a snowy day

By tomorrow night we will have been living in one of three hotels for a solid week. While I like travel and don’t much mind sleeping in strange beds, it is wearing a bit thin not to have my own stuff around me and to not have the opportunity to eat home cookin.

motel iron work

hotel no. 1 of 3, iron scrolls, Oceanside, Ca.

Meanwhile, we have an apartment near downtown Seattle and an appointment to have movers transport some of our stuff (as we are going from a 2700 square foot house to a 795 square foot apartment) from the PODS storage site  to said apartment on Saturday.


kitchen from the living room.


living room from the kitchen


first bedroom looking toward hall, bathroom, and front door.

I can’t wait. It’s more than a bit challenging to try to feel like a new place is home when living out of suitcases and opening a door with a card key. Oh, and no mail!! I love snail mail so much and I’ve been denied for almost a full week. Ack!

buildings across the street

looking out one new window, Seattle, Wa.


Larissa said...

Great pics..Owen looks so grown up. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like there is some semblance of joy amidst all of the big to do's! How very wonderful.

kristin said...

looking forward to you steeling in. good luck! xo

Cory said...

I can't wait to see how you will fill it in and make it a home!