Monday, December 1, 2008

Week of gratitude

51. not being a single parentthe many and the one 2b

52. music lyrics and poetry

53. people I've never met who keep me floating with words of encouragement in a heavy world of doubt

54. art, outside it's conventional definitions, waiting around every corner


55. very bouncy super balls

56. clutter and mess which remind me that perfection is a false prophet


57. spider plants

spider plant

58. honesty

59. sleep when it comes easily


60. my odd, however slight, obsession with garden hoses

full circle


kendalee said...

Yeah that prophet of perfection has whispered the lie to me too. Seductive isn't it? But completely unattainable. And garden hoses... that's an interesting one! :o) Another great list and beautiful pictures - thank you.

Thank you too for your lovely & supportive comment on my post - you helped me see that it might be a bit (okay, sometimes a lot) wobbly but perhaps I'm not as impossibly far from the balance goal as I might have thought.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

"Perfection is a false prophet."

Thank God, or Spirit, or Nature. And you. Geez...the quest for perfection can kill a person. Love your lists and photos and color palette, as always.

DeLurking Myself Yet Again,