Thursday, December 25, 2008


Playing a little catch up here. Honestly, really, when am I not. <devilish grin>

all I need is a moment

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week 1 tripdych without info small

(week one ~ Friday, November 28, 2009 3:21 p.m.)

I've wanted to be part of a collective photo project for a while now and after four weeks working with my friend Cory (SeaweedLady) and her mom (struck by lightning)rc's , I find that I am firmly in the loving arms of a lovely photographic habit. We call it "all I need is a moment" for a few reasons. First, because the method to our triptych madness is to randomly select (via an ingenious board game Cory came up with) a day and time each week when all three of us will stop what we are doing and take a photo.

(week two ~ Thursday December 4, 2008 8:42pm)

Secondly, this project is centered around "a moment" because we all believe (and please ladies, if I am too liberal with my words and represent you incorrectly, do let me know) that the moment, any moment, this moment right now, is the most important thing there is. Catching ourselves, even if we have to arrange it, in a moment in time, in our busy lives, in places so many miles from others' whom we love, is like catching a bit of rest, a bit of slow down, a bit of noticing, reflecting, being. And when our photos of that being, that noticing of where, who, when, and even why we are combine, we feel connected to each other and maybe to the greater world, because we know that in that one moment, that one week, we were making the same choice to be awake and alive, together, and on our own.

week three triptych small

(week three ~ Tuesday December 9, 2008 5:20 pm)

What we are doing here isn't revolutionary. It's been done, and is being done by many friends in bloggdom and on Flickr (3191, two girls two clicks, & noticing project are just a few examples). We have no illusions about that. I think the fact that this breed of project has become so popular speaks to the allure of photographic mindfulness. I'm honored to be involved with these women in this way. Their enthusiasm and openness is infectious. They have a sense of soul that goes deeper than the aesthetically pleasing photograph. They share slivers of their lives with me, and allow me to do the same. An honor, yes, it is an honor.

Week Four tryp

(week four ~ Wednesday December 17, 2008 noon)

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daniela said...

i love your articulate words and profound thoughts. how very important to involve oneself in a project like this - reminds us that we are alive. bravo.