Wednesday, September 3, 2008

White Space Wednesday

I held you in my heart

I held you in my heart     blue algae creative September 2008

This boy, playing in a public fountain, being somewhat inappropriate, was oblivious to me and everyone around him cringing at his activity. I took his picture while shaking my head, judging his parents for allowing this, and worried that some horrid disease or errant contaminant would harm him.  But now, I hold him in my heart as I long for that kind of innocent oblivion, that zen, that self command, that dedication to joy, that freedom.

A very kind, sweet, dear friend of mind if fond of saying "I'm holding your in my heart" to anyone for whom she has feelings of empathy or concern. I like it. It's comforting, supportive, non-judgmental, genuine, and accurate. I say it now too.

So, to you dear reader, in all your joy and struggles, I am holding you in my heart. Why? Because, even though I don't know you or your story, I like it when there is kindness in the world.

A totally selfish act I guess you could say.

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