Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm lost. See?

I never really thought I would be into photographing (or painting, drawing, sculpting, or otherwise representing) the form of flowers. I thought them too typical, too trite, too... done to death. But, I find myself drawn to them. They possess a complexity I never realized before. Their forms, shapes, lines, textures, translucence.. it's all so intriguing and alluring. I keep resisting them and they keep pulling me in. Once in, I'm lost. See?



Now I know why they are so popular amongst poets, painters, designers, crafters, lovers, mothers, consumers...

There are a few more in my Flickr Photo Stream, if you care to see more.


hrsj said...

Hi rachel,
Your blog is sooo lovely!
I looked for an email address for you but couldn't find one, but I want to thank you [terribly late] for the beautiful photos for the may photo trade. I'll post them soon to the flickr pool.
Your work is gorgeous!

kendalee said...

I agree! I love your blog and your pictures are beautiful. It's true that there are lots of flowers out there but I think they are only trite if seen through trite eyes and yours are clearly not that! Thank you for sharing them with us. k