Wednesday, May 21, 2008

embracing the light~


The shedding of light onto long time struggles in my life continues this week. And, as art reflects life in my house, the light is exactly what my photographic eye is noticing.


I'm thinking a lot about habit these days. Habits of the heart keep me from being as present with loved ones as I would like. Habits of energy keep me up at night, and ineffectual at daytime. Habits of the eye allow me to see only what I have always seen. Habits of the body keep me still, slow, and stunted.


All of these things and more, have served me well in the past. They kept me sane and safe. The problem with habit is that it knows no evil nor benefit. Habit only knows what was needed for so long. Habit is a bit learning disabled.


So, it is up to me to inform habit of changes that need to be made. Habit doesn't like change, is maybe afraid of change. It is my job then to show, to teach, habit that the new ways can become old ways too.

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