Monday, March 17, 2008

serious problem

My laptop, the one I've been cramming photo after photo into for two years, is now full. The hard drive is full of stuff, and the computer is full up to capacity with memory. Photoshop is very unhappy with me. 

My support staff (kindest hubby) is looking into relief efforts (new computer for wifey) but until the Calvary arrives.. I can't upload any new photos from my camera, nor can I process any photos I already have. All of which means, no new work from me for a while. I realize this hurts me far more greatly than it does anyone else. And yet, I felt compelled to cry a tear or two on your shoulder.

Hey, maybe now I'll have time to write all those emails that have been severely neglected by myself. Pft! Right.

Here is some wonderful eye candy from some really amazing artists on Flickr. Enjoy!

(click on the photo for individual photo credits on Flickr)

Happy Monday!!


albertapostcards said...

Rachel, ouch. Have you and hubby thought of just buying a new external hard drive specifically for storing your photos? You likely have but that's something I'm soon to be purchasing for all my photos.

I'm busy with my writer-in-residence contract but I've just taken a short lunch break so thought I'd come for a visit and do some catching up (I see you have more blog posts for me to read, yeah.)


Christine Edwards said...

My thought too. At Target they have 500gb external HD for $130. It will at least solve your space issue in the interim, and then when you get your screaming new machine you'll have a backup drive. :-)