Friday, February 15, 2008

A funny thing happened...

..on my way to quitting the personal photo challenge I have laid down for myself.

Stone, Wod, Seed, and Linen

(Stone, Wood, Seed, and Linen 2008)

I was thinking about giving it up this morning, convinced it was holding me back, like I was juggling taking PPC photos and also all the ones I wanted to take. Just now though, as I was processing some recent pics, that I thought had nothing to do with PPC, I realized they were all very influenced by the "brown" theme this week. I didn't even know it.

I am continually amazed at the power of the subconscious.

Seed and Stone

(Seeds and Stones 2008)

Yesterday I got the loveliest blog love for Valentines Day! Diane, over at Alberta Postcards gave me an Excellent Blog Award. I nearly fell over! Do you know what this means?! It means I may actually have to admit to myself that people are reading my blog, and it's not just an occasional, typed, private, word-wanking session. E-gads!

Brown ~ wood and linen

(Wood and Linen 2008)

I've been taken with some amazing photographers on Flickr who are so very talented at composing everyday objects in such a way that the photos that are taken of them leave me feeling a little breathless. It seems I can't stop thinking about them. I find myself arranging little things here and there and snapping away at them. I have SO much to learn as really none of my arrangements have been of much interest ultimately. I've resorted to collaging photos digitally to achieve some sense of assemblage. I like them and may do more, but I crave being able to do this, and this, and this.

Nuts, wood, and linen

(Nuts, Wood, and Linen 2008)


Anonymous said...

Okay so, I have been so creatively inspired by your work! Don't stop now!! I read your post from yesterday too. I don't really know what draws me into most photos. I like such a variety. Your photos yesterday were okay, interesting that they were out of focus but not as interesting as the brown bubbles! I really like Jen's work at simply photo and the girls at the noticing project too, then there's the Tuscan countryside at lucullian.blogspot. I think I'm drawn to your funky altering. You are so good at combining things that seemingly make no sense and they look awesome! I don't know what pulls me in deeply sometimes and other times it's just 'okay'. I feel that way about my own photography sometimes too. Kind of like golf, gotta keep practicing to get better. Thank you for inspiring me to do better.

Diane said...

Ah but what you do is sooo good. You have such an artistic way with the manipulations. Yet, I think of the bubbles the other person mentioned, the dragon, and especially the elephant photos. So your creativity is multi-faceted. We all grow as we stretch ourselves. In observing your work, I too wish to one day be able to do even half a well with the PS stuff ... yet the other photos are important too ... I like that you're 'wanting more' ... anyone who is creative, I believe, always wants more and that's how we build, grow, develop. Since discovering your blog, I've been inspired.


Diane said...

me again. I also love that you created your own personal photo challenge. I went to all the trouble of creating a 52 week list for myself and never honoured it by posting the ones I did and I didn't stick to the 'schedule'. It's sitting right in front of me where I can't help but see it everytime I sit down at the computer. I'm taking photos -- daily -- but I'm not always sticking to my list.

PHotography is a lot like writing: we write a lot of crap to get a few really good pieces. So too with photos. I really love the photos you share with us.