Monday, February 11, 2008


Very sorry about that.. being gone a whole week without so much as a word as to why. Technical difficulties abounded and my not so techy brain was at a loss. But, I'm back.. and it's back on the photo theme band wagon for me.

Brown is our theme this week (as it was last week, but who am I to disregard the fortune of  circumstance? If you find a dollar in the street you pick it up, don't you? You don't wait around for days in case the looser comes back looking for it. I got brown photos to show and so brown photos shall be shown, even if they were all ready to be shown last week.)

brown 2

Mr. O and I went for a walk after a particularly windy storm and came home with these pretty little sticks. It's in my soul to do things like this with him. If I had my way his favorite toys would be sand and wood and feathers etc., and we would build tiny forts of stone for tiny invisible stories to be told.

In all honesty, he's still too young for that, but the more obnoxious reason we can't do that is that unmanaged un-manicured nature is hard to come by here in urban so. cal. So, we look for it a bit harder and sometimes that makes me sad. But Mr. O is only almost two and he only knows that taking two steps onto someone else's law to pick up sticks is so different and so funny that he just had to giggle through it all. At this point in his life, in those moments of joyful glee, what else could possibly matter?

This kid is teaching me so many things.


mariannealice said...

Hi there, just dropped by to let you know that your photo for the 'scent of water' swap is on it's way...(my apologies as it was a day late going into the mail) Hope you enjoy it, although I'm a little daunted after having a look a your beautiful photos...

Diane said...

yikes my comment just 'blew up' and disappeared. Basically I was agreeing that sticks, and sand and such are the best toys.

If you get some time to check my blog today, there is an award I'm passing along to you.

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