Tuesday, January 15, 2008

small things

Little letters, all in a row, just waiting to go home with some nice scrapbooking gal or fella.

January 15, 2008 012b

I'm going to my first all day scrapbooking event this Saturday, though I probably won't stay all day. I'm always a little shy about admitting that I love to scrapbook. I feel like people who aren't into it perceive it as a bit cultish at best, and just plain lame at worst. It's not high art, to be sure.

It does afford women (although I'm sure there are some men out there who do it too) the excuse they need to explore their creativity in a low pressure atmosphere. There is no judgement between scrapbookers, that I have seen. There are various opportunities for support via books and magazines which provide ideas or clear cut how-tos, and from other scrapbookers who offer moral support. It's a community in which memories and the stories of our lives are valued. It's an atmosphere of sharing, whether it be information, techniques, materials, or pieces of ourselves put to paper. I think all of these things are important and I guess that's why, when every other "girl" activity falls short of holding my attention, scrapbooking keeps me coming back.

There are many times I have cursed my friend Eileen for getting me into this "cult" and addicted to the pretty pretty products. But, in truth, I wouldn't have found my way to photography and crafting without it... nor would I have found a way to relate to women and form a sense of comradery after only a few hours in a room with people I'd never met before, without scrapbooking. Thanks Eileen!!

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mimulus said...

these small thing are amazing, or the photo of them is, I should say. No need to defend scrapbooking, i feel the same way about letterboxing, which is even more cultish. Glad I stumbled onto you via creative collections thanks to decor8, it sounds like we have alot in common.....