Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Personal Photo Challenge Week 2 ~ shadows

Upon being asked my husband suggested shadows as this week's PPC theme. Great idea honey.shadows - mower 1

Shadows have been a bit of a theme in our household for about a month or so. Mr. O has discovered that he has a little friend who follows him everywhere there is a strong light source and a vertical surface. They are becoming gradual pals and like to play imitation games.

sadows - Owen and mower mosaic

After one day of shooting and thinking about shadows I've already learned three things:

1. The umbra (Latin: "shadow") is the darkest part of a shadow. From within the umbra, the source of light is completely blocked by the object causing the shadow.

*Don't you just love that word? "Umbra" what a great word.

2. This contrasts with the penumbra, where the light source is only partially blocked and there is only a partial shadow.


3. An old lesson relearned over an over again... focusing on the ever evolving present moment is key to peace of mind and peace of heart.

shadows - Owen and basket


mimulus said...

where is the antumbra? in the laundry basket? great images...

Diane said...

So many things to comment on. Mr O is a trooper (except when he bashes mommy over and over). I loved the umbra lesson -- had forgotten about that but you stated it so simply. I too love the sounds of certain words and umbra is definitely one that has a gentle hum to it.

Diane at Sand to Glass