Saturday, December 29, 2007

Etsy Excitement

Okay.. so I didn't quite meet my goal of a post a day in December, or my modified goal of 30 posts total in December. I didn't come close really. But I don't see it as a failure. It was an exercise in habit forming, and in that sense it worked.

Blogging makes me so much more aware and conscious in my life. I've always been a thinker, a ponder-er, which keeps me in my head. In my search for greater balance I have come to find that I need to be in space and time too. Blogging helps me to do that by framing my world into experiences suitable for blogging and those that are not. It might sound a bit strange, but it's my training wheels and it works. =0)

Me on the front page of Etsy

The highlight of my day came this morning when I realized I was on the front page of Etsy. It is sincerely a tiny dream come true.

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