Monday, December 10, 2007

8 of 30 ~ random things

sewing is hard!!

I forget this. I see what amazing things my blogging/art/crafting heros make and think.. "Hey, I can do that!" 

In truth I do okay with the creative part, and with the engineering part (figuring out how to make something and how to augment it to my desires), at least with the fairly straight forward stuff. The hard part comes with stitching straight lines, and having fabric not "walk" around while I'm stitching it. It's that straight line thing that confounds me! Is it difficult for everyone? Is it just me? Is it like math, where I can do complex algebra fairly well but can't remember 9x7 to save my life?

December 10, 2007 029

Meanwhile, my son is getting in on the act and has decided he likes sewing too. Well, he likes sewing buttons. Actually,now that I think about it,  it's more that he likes making buttons fly.

December 10, 2007 032

The little feet on the right are his - evidence of his next escapade of emptying mama's paint drawer of tubes of paint. So good at that emptying thing he is.

I love buttons too, I must say. They are such beautiful little pieces of jewelry for fabric. They have found their way on my advent calendar, in progress. I was hoping to get it done for Dec 1st, but alas, was not to be. Maybe by Dec 1st 08.

December 10, 2007 036 

And finally, we had some very lovely friends over for lunch yesterday. While I was a bit more tired than I would have liked to have been, and therefore not as present, I was reminded of one very important fact. As confusing and stressful as friendships can be for me sometimes, having wonderful people enter your life and making a nice little nest in your life is really quite wonderful. Thanks new friends Mary, Renee, Heidi, Cynthia, and Kathy L!!

December 10, 2007 040


*sorry for the not so great pictures. =0)

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