Monday, December 3, 2007

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keeps the shrink away. Several photos keeps one in the practice of noticing life. It is this noticing that makes this life not only bearable, but beautiful.

I don't usually bathe my son. Usually his dad does this with him in the evenings. It was clear to me this morning that I was not "doing it right" as my son protested every false move. This is how unaccustomed we are to mama giving the bath. Circumstances of mild colds over the weekend made it necessary. It was an extra step in an already hefty day. I didn't protest it, but I wasn't relishing it either.

Then, as we were tub bound, I remembered my blog commitment and snagged my camera. I've gotten good shots of my son in the bath before, as he is truly in another world and doesn't feel the need to poke the lens or tug-of-war the strap.  He was calm and happy and since I couldn't involve myself in computing or reading or any of the other devises with which I distract myself on a daily basis, I was able to be in that calm with him. The camera was the tool that allowed me really to soak it up however. Had I been there empty handed I would only have noticed the calm for maybe a minute or two. Then my mind would have wondered, as it continually does. With the camera seeing was all I had to do, all I could do. Seeing, and being, and hearing my son.. and pushing a button. That was it. That was bliss.

Art is meditation, contemplation, mindfulness. It saves me.

 Mid-morning bath




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