Friday, December 14, 2007

10 of 30 ~ looooooooooong day

8am - awake

10:00 - the boy wants a nap

12:25 - awakened by husband (who is working from home). "Umm, I meant to wake you up earlier..." In all fairness, we had no prior arrangement that stated he would be my alarm clock, and he did have his head in work, not my sorry affairs. =0) love you baby!

12:26 - "what? Ahhhh $%^# !!!" brush teeth, dress, brush hair, bark orders regarding the boy, etc.

1:00 - speed down freeway toward orthodontist which is typically 45mins away for appointment at 1:30. Notice gas light blaring at me.

1:27 - arrive at ortho and realize wallet is at home.

1:33 - major construction and addition of sparkly silver to my teeth begins.

2:45 - construction complete. search car for hidden cash. find $5.75 for lunch/dinner.

3:15 - while eating lunch/dinner one brand new bracket pops off and one brand new wire now poking at inside cheek. call to ortho office = closed the the night.

4:05 - 20 minutes late for appointment and had to borrow $20 for gas from therapist/friend.

4:35 head to appointment with acupuncturist

5:15 - acupuncture begins

7:00 - done being poked and head home

7:45 - home

up too late watching Meerkat Manor, writing silly post and thinking "Ouch! My teeth hurt"

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