Tuesday, November 13, 2007

extra sprinkles please...

I have been away for far too long again my beloved blog. Oh, how I missed you. I'm sorry that when my life gets a little bit rocky, or hectic, you are among the neglected ones. And, I love you for your patients, your fidelity, your stoicism. I have thought of you oft, and have written so many lovely little letters to you in my mind, with no less alliteration to boot. (Cory you got me started on that dang it!)

There are a couple of happenings that I would like to share. They are not monumental at all, but little sprinkles of glee that make up some of the joy in my life. =0)

First off, I have just completed my editing of a Blue Algae Creative 2008 Agenda Calendar, and sent it off to press. I suspect that these will serve more as gifts to be given from my family to others, but some will hang out in my etsy shop for a while to see if anyone would like to adopt one. I ordered a hard copy last night, but it will take up to two weeks to get it. Crossing my fingers that I like the outcome, because looking for a new printer and evaluating it would most likely squash any hope for a timely appearance in my shop (aka.. it won't be ready before people want to buy calendars, and so will be sadly overlooked).

Here is a preview of the cover:

Second. I have entered a very cool contest over at www.flickr.com and www.moo.com . Participants contribute pictures to the contest group on flickr and those pictures are made available on moo to be purchased as Christmas cards by anyone who the inclination. One dollar from every purchase goes to Médecins Sans Frontières (aka Doctors Without Borders), a truly worthy cause. There are a few prizes to be won by the contestants, one of which is awarded to artist who's card was most often purchased. So, if you've not yet purchased your Christmas cards this year and want to give a little back while you do it (to Médecins Sans Frontières, and to my cute little ego) this would be the perfect fit! Either way, it's fun to look at all of the entrants. There are a lot of people who are excited about this, and I have to say I think its a pretty darn good idea. (Thank you so much Cory for turning me onto this!!)

A couple of my entries:

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