Monday, October 8, 2007

Extra Income?

I have discovered I am old world circus freak, and I'm trying to think quickly if there is any way to capitalize. You see, recently I was having some new fangeled digital x-rays done of my mouth (for braces - yay another circus freak attribute!). For one of these, my head needed to be held stationary. There is a device, a contraption, which has pegs on it and said pegs are loosely inserted into one's ears. (Inserted is probably too extreme a word, but my ears feel violated so I'm giving them some emotional lattitude.) It was in the process of this insertion that I heard the comment. "Oh, one of your ears is higher than the other."


Ok.. so I have two reactions which are completely contradictory but make perfect sense to me.
1. So that's why I always seem to buy sunglasses that are crooked and can't seem to be made straight no matter how much I contort them!!
2. I am circus freak!!!

A little extreme that second one is, isn't it?! Well yes, it is, particularly for me as I have never been one overly concerned with my appearence. I am unconcerned about my appearence almost to a fault. I go months, somtimes years between haircuts. Since becoming a mom I shower every-other-day, at best. I'm seriously lucky if I'm not sporting a manish, unibrow. Makeup? I wear some, but you'd be hard pressed, on an average day, to point to it's location. So, why does this crooked ear thing bother me? I'm not sure, but it has to do with the fact that we tend to base our people asthetics on symietry. I am not symetrical, and somehow this fact bridges the gap between normal and circus freak in a single bound.

So, I was thinking, maybe I can make some extra income with this new found trait. Holloween is coming up. I'm thinking haunted house? Hmmmm.

Also, on the topic of extra income....

My Etsy store is finally open!!!!!

Can you believe it? Me either. Check me out here
(all the photos featured in this post can be found there right now)

P.S.~ I am soooooo excited to see that I am getting comments on this blog from people other than, and including, my MIL and BFF. So Happy!!!


Qalballah said...

Uh well mine are uneven too AND I can wiggle them - one at a time. So. I think it is *I* who has the circus freak title taped, lady.

:| My claim to some lame ass fame.

Cory! said...

Perhaps you should switch from glasses to a monacle and maybe start a trend?

Yay, I'm a-gonnna check out yer Etsy right now!