Sunday, August 26, 2007

such a lucky birthday girl

I've been a little absent lately, and not just here. I sometimes go through periods of time where I just really don't want to talk to anyone. I don't know why. It's not that I dislike everyone, or have anything in particular going on in my life that requires solitude. Usually, when this going on, I really only want to be with my family - meaning my husband and son. The one thing I have learned over the years about this is that the more I indulge in this solitude the more I crave it. So, in an effort to break the cycle, I'm writing you to, my beloved, however imaginary, blog readers.

My birthday was on Friday and oh how loved I felt!!! I got lots of goodies in the mail (see pic above) including that really cool wood inlay pen and pouch from my MIL (she made the pouch and her friend's husband made the pen - oh how I love the handmade object), the second season of Star Trek Voyager on DVD from my husband (who is so sweet to think my obsession with this series is cute - we both love and embrace each other's dorky sides), a pretty new purse from Sakura Urban (also courtesy of my wonderful hubbie), a box of goodies from my dear friend in the bay area which included the most yummy non-dairy milk chocolate I've ever tasted (made with rice milk, and yes I ate it long before I was able to take a picture so you get to see only the wrapper) along with some wonderful bittersweet chocolate, a deck of knowledge cards about women who dare (very humbling) and a gift card for whole foods (this guy know how much I like the food!! And check out the cute little paper bag the card came in), plus a long letter from said beloved friend. My best friend sent me some beautiful flowers (how indulgent and pretty do flowers make you feel? I love um) along with a beautifully written card - I love you too friend!! I got myself a little something at the scrapbook store, or should I say somethingS - a mag and a few supplies.. but really the gift was the ability to go there and have my husband keep track of little O, instead of me. Oh, and my lovely mother gave me such a GREAT gift!! She took O out all day so that I could work in the studio. I did some crafting for birthday gifts that I've been putting off, a scrapbook layout, work on a third pillow (a post about these pillows is upcoming), made plans for some tote bags, and made an experimental pouch that is a total mess, but had great educational value. Whew!

I also got phone calls and emails galore!!! Oh how loved, indeed, I felt. Thank you so much kind friends and family. I love you all!!!

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Larissa said...

Wow, a whole day in your studio, what a treat for you. Glad you had a good day. Talk soon.