Monday, August 6, 2007

etsy progression

Who knew it would be so much work to set up a little ol' esty shop.?. not me. I have to keep reminding myself that it's slow going primarily because it's my second job (my first, full time gig being supermom. heh!-note the sense of and also because I want to do it right. I can tell when I'm doing it right when I note the repetitive voice in my head saying "Dang, this is hard." Presto - perfect feedback system.

I thought I'd share a little photo love with you all, as evidence of my progress, and as a visual reminder to myself that progress has indeed been made.

This is one of the products I will be putting up for sale sometime soon (clicky clicky for bigger pic) Whadda ya think?

1 comment:

Larissa said...

Super cool. Thanks for sharing your progress. Make sure you send the link to your store so we can all bid on your stuff.