Saturday, May 26, 2007

a portrait of sorts ~

Sunday is my husband's birthday. He isn't big on birthdays, not that he is vain at all or minds aging. Rather, he sees birthdays as arbitrary in that being on the planet 38 years and 364 days isn't any different than being on the planet for 39 years. Every year though we find some little way to celebrate, mostly because I want him to know how thankful I am that he, out of all the possible variations of his parent's dna, was the person put in this world. I try to do this frequently, but what better way to be reminded, at least once a year, to make sure he knows he is truly loved.
A few years back I surprised him with a bi-plane ride over the coast near our Southern Cali home. He has always had a slight yen for flying and I think that has been one of his favorite birthday experiences.
This year, among other things (which I can't talk about until after Sunday), we are keeping it simple but sincere. Our baby boy is 14 months old and we have finally gotten back to having dates on the weekend (thanks to my mom who kindly babysits two or three times a week for us). It's up to Kevin what we do this time but I think it won't matter much. Having the time and space to walk and talk and hold hands, slowly, intentionally, mindfully, again is such a gift for us both. No matter what we do soaking up and breathing in the togetherness will be what it's all about, I'm sure.

This portrait is one of the ways I see my beloved Kevin. He is such a contradiction at times, which I love (pssst.. my art is often about contradiction). He is a thinker, a scientist, an efficiency monitor (seriously!!), a solver of problems and a seeker of information. At the same time he is a fun loving, crude, gawky, playful, messy, utterly hilarious KID. Because of this, and so many other reasons, I celebrate you, my love.

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