Thursday, April 26, 2007

Brown, blue, black or green?

I'm feeling blue. I don't know why that color is associated with feeling sad or depressed. Blue is my favorite color and has always made me feel so very good. So, I should say that I feel brown, or dark olive green, or maybe even black. At any rate, I'm not myself. Tomorrow I see my magician (because she is sooo good, not because she is a witch doctor) of a Dr. and will kick depression butt.

In other news... My friend Janette has started a blog to strengthen her writing muscles. She is a good writer and most brilliant research-ist on all things mommy. And, she's fun to hang out with to boot. I'm excited about her newest endeavor. Common, let's go check it out right now... (or maybe after you finish reading this post)

Recently, I got this feedback :
your photos of your child have more feeling than i am able to express--thanks for sharing them--i had a premie 24 years ago. O is gorgeous

for this picture:

over at flickr and it inspired me to write/think this:
Thank you so much. How inspiring your words have been. They've made me go back and look at little O's pictures from the early days, and wonder "Why have I stopped taking millions of pictures of him?" It's that stop and smell the roses thing I guess. It's so easy to get set on fast forward in our lives. Taking pictures is one of the ways I slow down. I have to remember that. Thanks again.

In light of that, I'd like to share a few more pictures before setting you loose.

Now, go forth and take some picture for yourself (or smell some roses).


Vickie Dee said...

I love your art, it's really inspiring as I am taking a photography degree. I'll be back!!

Janette said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling blue/brown/olive green/black. Having wrestled with some of the issues you're probably dealing with (and some that I haven't) all I can say is, I'm in your corner. More on that in an email later...

You are super talented. Your work is very inspiring. Keep smelling the roses, and delivering the goods!

PS Thanks for the plug. I'm finding that I'm writing more now that I know people are reading my blog.