Friday, November 24, 2006

My Son's Grandparents' Shoes

On my son's first Thanksgiving his parents and grandparents decided to venture into the great and perilous frontier that is known as "the backyard." All this risk of peril was to capture some strange and unnaturally posed photos for Christmas cards next month. What I got, instead, was a funny anecdote about my son spitting-up enormous amounts of milk on himself after only two photos had been taken, and a cool little shot of his grandparents as they take quick stock of their own little patch of real live nature before heading back into the house to eat Tofurky The third thing I got, and something I just discovered almost a day and a half later, is really the best photo of the three of us so far, which of course was a candid. We laughed a lot at my son's timing, and I hope that's what I remember when I see these pictures in the future.

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