Monday, September 5, 2005

Pregnancy Journal Entry #3 - CONCEPTION!!!

Friday August 19, 2005
I am two days late and am feeling easily tired. I’ve spent the day cleaning around the house for my mother-in-law’s visit over the weekend. I kept thinking all day, ‘maybe I’m pregnant. Nahhh, I’m probably not. Its too quick, too soon.’ Last night Kevin and I agreed to wait 24 hours to take a pregnancy test, just so it doesn’t feel like we are taking one every second it occurs to us to that we might have conceived. So, we waited until tonight. For the first time in my entire life I saw a faint 2nd line on the pee stick. Both of our eyes got really big and instantly we were smiling. But we weren’t ready to declare that we thought we were indeed pregnant. We decided to do another test tomorrow morning, when the pregnancy hormone will be stronger in my urine, if its there at all. This will be a tough night, tough in a happy, excited, anticipatory way. What will tomorrow bring???

Saturday August 20, 2005
I woke up sometime in the early morning to go to the restroom. On my way there, in the dark, I herd Kevin say, ‘Do you want to do the test now?’ Half asleep, all I could get out was, ‘Uhhh, sure.’ I peed on the stick and we waited. A few minutes later we saw a significantly darker second line, although not as dark as the control line. I guess I wasn’t ready to say that it was definitive, but Kevin seemed pretty confidant that 2 tests can’t be wrong. Next step is an office visit for the third, nurse certified, pee test. That will come on Tuesday. In the meantime Kevin’s mom and her friend will be hanging out with us for little over the next 24 hours with us. I’m totally excited to see her, and I wonder what it will be like to be processing this BIG news in the background while visiting with people I can’t tell yet. (Of course we want to wait until we know for sure before we tell anyone.) We had planned to tell Kathy that we have started trying to conceive, so maybe that will be enough to talk about.

Sunday August 21, 2005
We had a great time visiting with Kathy and (for me) getting to know her friend from the days in Chatsworth. After we dropped them off at the train station, Kevin and I headed for “Babies R Us”. We’ve done a few small “oooooing” and “ahhhhhhing” excursions in the baby sections of other stores in the past for fun, but this was totally different. First of all, this store is insane. It’s huge, and has basically everything you can possibly imagine needing for a baby (or so I assume). The experience was different too. It was real. We were talking about a baby that, in the loosest terms, existed, as opposed to the hypothetical baby of all past conversations. Most of the trip was spent looking at the major categories of supplies (car seats, strollers, high chairs, slings, bouncies, and on and on) trying to determine what we might need, and what we liked. That took a lot of time. All I have to say is thank the preverbal “god” that I did infant childcare for two years in the not too distant past. Because of said experience I am fairly familure with the equipment that is apparently needed. I’ve used a lot of it, know why it does or doesn’t work and for what situations. Without out that I’m sure I was have had a panic attack in that store. The most fun was near the end of our window shopping, when we found the cute little baby holloween costumes. Oh my god I could have bought them all just to look at…. Sooooooo freakin’ cute!!! I’m a full on sucker for baby clothes… well, actually anything smaller than its suppose to be is just really cute to me. Go figure.
As for physical symptoms, I’ve been the kind of tired where you just don’t want to walk too much, or really think too much. I’ve also had to pee almost constantly, very nice. And I’ve been getting dizzy all weekend. I’m thinking this is due to my extra water needs. It’s the kind of dizzy I get when I’m dehydrated.

Tuesday August 23, 2005
Without any hesitation the nurse at my gynecologist’s office declared me pregnant today. Happy Birthday to me!!!! (My b-day is tomorrow) She was really nice and happy for me, after she knew this was the news I was hoping to get. She estimated, using a cool little wheel tool, that my due date is April 26, 2006. Then she shared that she had just had her 3rd child on April 2nd. It was a bonding moment, he he. I asked a few questions about weakness in my arms on a couple of days due to moving heavy objects (she said “don’t do that.” Oh, okay.. he he), and about dental X-rays (I’m due for a cleaning soon) which she said I’d need to ask my OB about, whoever that will be. My gynecologist is GREAT!!! I love her. Unfortunately she opted out of OB about 2 years ago, so she is going to pair me up with one of her colleagues with whom I might be a good match. I also learned that my first prenantal visit will be between 8 – 10 weeks. That surprised me. I assumed it would be sooner. The nurse gave me a packet of information about classes I could take through their group, tips on handling nausea, over-the-counter medications that were safe to take, cord blood banking, etc etc. And finally, the lab drew some blood to confirm, once again, the pregnancy, and to check my hormone levels.
As is the case on most Tuesdays, Kevin and I had lunch. When I picked him up at work and told him we were officially pregnant his face was all lit up. Though we already knew it was nice to have it be official. Finally I thought, I can let it start to sink in.

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